Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What To Do Before Section

I ask that you come to class prepared with questions that you would like to discuss.  You will type three questions before every discussion section.  You can email me your questions before class ( but if you are turning in a print version, you must have them typed out and printed.  You will turn in all three questions to me but will choose one that you are particularly interested in discussing.  Questions must cover three of the following four categories:

1. Question for Clarification.  If you are confused about a concept, term or argument, you can ask a question for clarification.  e.g. What does reductionism mean?

2. Issue for Evaluation.  If you think you know what the author is saying, then likely you have an opinion.  Perhaps you agree or disagree.  Either way, you can bring up your position in response to the text as an issue for evaluation. e.g. This author seems to say that our minds are nothing more than our brains as can be studied by science.  I disagree because this leaves out experience.

3. Connection to Other Material.  If you notice a connection to another class, a work of literature or other art or some real-life experience, please bring this to class. e.g. This book reminds me of Blade Runner because…

4. Personal Response.  Naturally, you will have emotional responses to the work we read.  Please feel free to note these and bring them to class.  e.g. Reading Kant made me angry because he is very hard to read!

These expectations are adapted from the teaching style of Dr. Stephen Kellert.


  1. Hey, I never done this but I think is a great idea and it would be helpful not just to me but to many others as well. By the way, today was really fun, especially the last few minutes of it.

  2. Louise these are my 3 questions.
    1. What exactly is the Gettier problem?
    2. I read the essay on the Criterion of truth and found it very interesting since I never thought there was a whole dilemma regarding knowledge and what it is.
    3. And lastly can you go over last week readings, more so, how to find counterexamples? I didn't get it.

    I think out of all 3, number one is the one I need to clarify.

    Thank you, see you in discussion!