Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have two main goals in the class.  First, not to waste anyone’s time.  Second, to have fun.

My expectations for my students are simple.  There is really just one thing I expect: respect.  This one expectation does have a number of concrete behaviors associated with it.

Respect for others‘ ideas.  This means listening when others speak, including myself and other students.  It also means that when responding to what others say, you avoid personal attacks or other nastiness.  Disagreeing with someone is not disrespectful.  You can show respect for others by listening to their ideas and responding to them thoughtfully.

Respect for others’ time.  I will do my best to start and end on time.  I expect that you will respect my time and the time of your classmates by being on time to section.  When students come in late, it causes a distraction and can also waste time if these latecomers need to be caught up.

Respect for your own work.  I take the work you do in this class seriously.  I listen attentively and read carefully.  You should take your own work just as seriously.  Don’t half-ass in-class work or written homework.  Respect your own ideas by giving time and effort to your work.

With basic respectful etiquette in the classroom, we have a solid foundation for not wasting time and also an appropriate context for having fun.  I hope we can laugh and have fun when discussing the material but I do not want that fun to get in the way of a respectful environment!

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