Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Hip Hop on Society

"Little Kids" is a POS song that tells the narrative of three different lives. POS is a Minneapolis rapper from the Doomtree collective.  When listening to this song, consider what role luck plays in how these different lives turn out.  How much do families and social groups influence the outcomes for these people's lives?

"Room with a View" is another Brother Ali track that describes the social scene that Brother Ali can literally see out his window.  What factors do luck play in the scene that Brother Ali paints?  Does justice require that we compensate the members of this socio-economic group for their unlucky origins?

"Market Made Murder" is a song by SIMS, another M.C. with Doomtree.  He describes in this song how he sees modern economy.  Ask whether his description is accurate.  Also ask what role luck plays in the society that he describes.  Does justice require that we regulate such unlucky circumstances?

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